$Quick lunch$ at Coop restaurants – great flavours and lots of choice

Welcome to your lunch in the Coop restaurant – freshly prepared, inexpensive, and served quickly. Whether a business lunch or with the family – you’ll all be spoilt for choice at our restaurants. Our extensive range covers a variety of dishes, from traditional meat and fish menus and tasty vegetarian and vegan food to a different value menu each week, and our popular grill. Discover the seasonal variety and choice of our dishes and enjoy a relaxing and delicious lunch break.


Varied $vegetarian and vegan$ options.

We like to accommodate our guests’ diverse needs. That’s why you’ll find a different vegetarian or vegan menu each day in all Coop restaurants, with recipes inspired by the cuisine of Switzerland and the rest of the world.

Meat and fish

$Fish and meat menus$ – quality and taste that impress

Our fish and meat dishes in the Coop restaurant are of beautiful quality and are nutritionally balanced. We offer you a wide choice of traditional and innovative recipes, prepared with love and care. From tender roast pork to delicately-flavoured pollock – we serve you the best from land and sea.

Value menu

$Value menu$ – impressive variety and great value for money

Each week, the Coop restaurant offers a different value menu that will delight both your tastebuds and your wallet. For just 9.95, you can enjoy a new dish every week. For us, saving money doesn't mean compromising on flavour – you’ll be surprised by our value menu.


All fired up – $delicious grills for all tastes$

In the Coop restaurant, our range of grilled dishes sparks a firework of flavours. Whether you prefer juicy meat, fresh fish or crunchy vegetables – our grilled creations cater to all tastes. Carefully selected and lovingly prepared, our grilled dishes are an homage to the art of grilling. Discover the variety of our range and enjoy everything from grill classics to vegetarian delights.

Find a Coop restaurant $near you$

Hungry and looking for something to eat nearby? Want to find a restaurant without spending ages searching? Use the handy restaurant finder search function to find the nearest Coop restaurant to you. Simply enter a town or city, and the address and distance from you will be shown. The Coop restaurant opening times show you when the location is open. Click on the ‘Menu plan’ in the list of results to see the current menu.

Kids’ menu

Little prices for little foodies

At Coop restaurants, your kids can eat their favourite meal and get a great JaMaDu gift.


Discover all the benefits

$Extended$ lunch options

In some of our Coop restaurants, we go one step further and offer you an expanded selection of dishes. From wok dishes and a salad and side buffet to traditional pizzas and pasta dishes - depending on the location, we expand our range to include these delicious additional options. Discover the variety of our additional offerings at selected restaurants.


Experience the flavours of $Asian wok cuisine$


Our $pizzas$: Italian flavour in every slice

Salad and side dishes buffet

$Crispy salads$ and a wide range of side dishes


Bella Italia: discover the $wide variety$ of pasta at Coop restaurants

Breakfast, lunch, coffee & cake: $great food and drinks at any time of the day$


A wide breakfast choice, from croissants to muesli.

Afternoon snacks

Afternoon break with sweet treats


$Facilities and services$ at your Coop restaurant

At Coop restaurants, we’re not just concerned with food and drink. Need a plug socket so you can work remotely? Would you like to let your kids have fun in the play corner? Are you keen to know more about Coop restaurants’ organic certification? Or would you like to help us reduce food waste, with Too Good To Go? Here, you’ll find information about additional services in Coop restaurants.


$Would you like to pay us a visit?$ We look forward to seeing you!