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As a business partner, you benefit from our strong brand, which is present in over 180 locations throughout Switzerland. Take advantage of the huge cross-selling potential and reach an attentive target group while our guests are sitting at a table and have time to look at your advertising media.

Switzerland's largest promotion platform in retail catering

Over 80,000 contacts per day, including more than 40,000 non-retail customers

Generate extra traffic in retail and increase the visibility of your brand

Showcase your brand:

communicate at up to 6 touch points.

Choose existing tools or suggest new ones

...welcomes guests on your behalf and refers to your brand.

Create an unexpected brand moment in a relevant setting

It inspires guests with creativity, entertainment, fun…

Purposely generate traffic from and to the retail POS:

Offer restaurant guests something special

Cleverly combine the activity with a retail promotion

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