Organic-certified restaurants: experience $sustainable flavour$ in the Coop restaurant

At Coop restaurants, we offer you a unique culinary experience: all our restaurants are “organic bud component cuisine” certified. We are proud to be Switzerland’s only retail catering outlet to have over 60 organic bud-labelled products in our range. Discover our regular experience promotions with delicious organic bud label menus, and be inspired by our passion for sustainable organic products.

Certified $organic flavour$ in our Coop restaurants

Rigorous inspections of our restaurants by bio.inspecta, and our close partnership with Bio Suisse, which involves regular meetings, guarantee the highest organic quality for our guests. Plus, in our restaurants you can enjoy unique organic bud label coffee and tea, including milk, coffee cream and two different types of sugar. Immerse yourself in the world of delicious and sustainable organic flavour.

Organic coffee and tea: $natural flavour$ in our Coop restaurants.

Enjoy the unique taste of organic bud label coffee. Our Classico and Intenso roasts were developed and refined in partnership with the Coop restaurants, and are both roasted and packaged in Switzerland. Naturally, we also offer organic bud label milk, coffee cream and sugar for the full coffee experience. A wide range of delectable varieties of Coop Naturaplan tea also awaits you, for a relaxed tea experience. Discover the natural variety of our organic coffee and tea products!

Organic variety in the Coop restaurant: discover over 65 natural $bud label products$

Discover our extensive organic range in all Coop restaurants! With over 65 organic bud label products, we offer you a wide variety of delightful, natural treats. From beverages, wines, coffee and tea to milk, sugar, oils, various types of rice, vegetables, butter, tofu, spices and much more. Simply ask our team for an up-to-date list and enjoy the natural flavour of our organic products.

Find a Coop restaurant $near you$

Hungry and looking for something to eat nearby? Want to find a restaurant without spending ages searching? Use the handy restaurant finder search function to find the nearest Coop restaurant to you. Simply enter a town or city, and the address and distance from you will be shown. The Coop restaurant opening times show you when the location is open. Click on the ‘Menu plan’ in the list of results to see the current menu.

Vegi & vegan

Vegetarische und vegane Gerichte

Breakfast, lunch, coffee & cake: $great food and drinks at any time of the day$


A wide breakfast choice, from croissants to muesli.


Quick lunches for all tastes

Afternoon snacks

Afternoon break with sweet treats


$Facilities and services$ at your Coop restaurant

At Coop restaurants, we’re not just concerned with food and drink. Need a plug socket so you can work remotely? Would you like to let your kids have fun in the play corner? Are you keen to know more about Coop restaurants’ organic certification? Or would you like to help us reduce food waste, with Too Good To Go? Here, you’ll find information about additional services in Coop restaurants.


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