For $fair$ minimum prices and $socially equitable$ working conditions

We use products such as coffee, sugar and juices that have been awarded the Fairtrade Max Havelaar quality label. The Fairtrade Max Havelaar label guarantees coffee farmers fair minimum prices, gives them a right to a say and, thanks to a Fairtrade premium, establishes stable socially equitable working conditions. Fairtrade Max Havelaar works closely with Bio Suisse.

What is the $Max Havelaar$ commitment?

The aim of Max Havelaar is to improve the living and working conditions of small farmers and workers in countries that suffer from unfair global trade structures.

Its mission is to bring small farmers and consumers closer together, promote fair trade and support small farmers in combating poverty, strengthening their position and independently making lasting improvements to their lives.

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Vegetarische und vegane Gerichte

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A wide breakfast choice, from croissants to muesli.


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Afternoon break with sweet treats


$Facilities and services$ at your Coop restaurant

At Coop restaurants, we’re not just concerned with food and drink. Need a plug socket so you can work remotely? Would you like to let your kids have fun in the play corner? Are you keen to know more about Coop restaurants’ organic certification? Or would you like to help us reduce food waste, with Too Good To Go? Here, you’ll find information about additional services in Coop restaurants.


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