50 tonnes of $plastic saved$ in one year

Coop has been committed to reducing plastic since 2012. We have also been able to switch to sustainable alternatives to plastic products in our Coop restaurants: instead of the plastic disposable cutlery for take-away menus, we provide reusable cutlery to take away, made entirely from wood. Swapping our take-away containers has had the biggest impact on cutting back plastic use: for our take-away menus, our guests are now given cardboard containers. These measures have saved around 50 tonnes of plastic per year. Find out about the numerous other ways in which Coop is committed to reducing plastic even further here.

Reusable instead of disposable: $sustainable food to go$, with reCIRCLE

Because we are committed to sustainability, we provide reCIRCLE reusable tableware in all our restaurants. Our motto is “reusable, not disposable”. For a deposit of just CHF 10.00, you can also enjoy your food to go in an environmentally-friendly way. Together with reCIRCLE, we promote a sustainable, reusable system founded on the principle of community. Be part of the green revolution!

How $reCIRCLE$ works

You choose reusable reCIRCLE boxes for take-away menus (two sizes). The boxes can be returned to reCIRCLE partners, Coop restaurants or Coop Take It. Deposit: CHF 10 per box. Find out more at www.recircle.ch.

$Small$ container – $big$ impact

By using reCIRCLE reusable containers once a week, you save 1.5 kilos of plastic and 52.5 litres of waste a year. So, after just seven uses, the reBOX is more environmentally-friendly than disposable tableware.

Hot coffee $to go$

Use our reusable thermos cups for hot drinks and help avoid paper cups, saving water and wood and reducing CO2. Available in all Coop restaurants and Coop Take it outlets. Plus, you’ll get a discount on hot drinks.

Fork, spoon, knife – $handily$ packaged

High-quality reusable cutlery made of high-grade metal: fork, knife and spoon in a handy carrying box for when you’re on the move. Available for CHF 7.95 in all Coop restaurants.

Find a Coop restaurant $near you$

Hungry and looking for something to eat nearby? Want to find a restaurant without spending ages searching? Use the handy restaurant finder search function to find the nearest Coop restaurant to you. Simply enter a town or city, and the address and distance from you will be shown. The Coop restaurant opening times show you when the location is open. Click on the ‘Menu plan’ in the list of results to see the current menu.

Vegi & vegan

Vegetarische und vegane Gerichte

Breakfast, lunch, coffee & cake: $great food and drinks at any time of the day$


A wide breakfast choice, from croissants to muesli.


Quick lunches for all tastes

Afternoon snacks

Afternoon break with sweet treats


$Facilities and services$ at your Coop restaurant

At Coop restaurants, we’re not just concerned with food and drink. Need a plug socket so you can work remotely? Would you like to let your kids have fun in the play corner? Are you keen to know more about Coop restaurants’ organic certification? Or would you like to help us reduce food waste, with Too Good To Go? Here, you’ll find information about additional services in Coop restaurants.


$Would you like to pay us a visit?$ We look forward to seeing you!