$Twelve$ great surprises with the JaMaDu $give-away annual calendar$

Welcome to a culinary journey through the year! You’re probably already holding the cool give-away annual calendar 2024 from the Coop restaurant in your hands – and this is where it gets really exciting!

You are not just explorers, but little gourmets, too, right? Then you’re in the right place. Every month you will find out which great gift is waiting for you at the Coop restaurant if you choose the tasty JaMaDu meal. And that's not all – JaMaDu and his friends have big plans!

Look forward every month to cooking and baking ideas, exciting recipes and of course the great gifts in store for you at the Coop restaurant. Let’s have a magical time in the kitchen together and discover the culinary secrets of each season.


If you opt for the delicious JaMaDu kid's menu in June, you will not only receive a delicious meal 🥗, but a wonderful drinking straw set too!- 🧃 In the set, you will find four environmentally friendly drinking straws, a cleaner to keep them spotless and a pretty storage bag featuring JaMaDu.

With these straws, you can enjoy your drinks and help to reduce plastic waste 🚯 at the same time. Let's work together to keep our planet clean and healthy! 🌍

(Information without guarantee - as long as stocks last)

Redcurrant iced tea from $little FOOBY$

Once you've tried out the delicious recipe for redcurrant iced tea and your refreshing drink is ready, you can test your new drinking straws right away! Put them in your glass and drink up your homemade iced tea in style. 🥤



Find the $flamingo$ with the longest leg

And now a tricky challenge for all sleuths 🕵🏽‍♂️: click on the link and establish which flamingo 🦩 has the longest leg.

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Tel. 061 336 71 67


This was May

The 5-piece set of measuring cups helps you to set aside the right amount of ingredients for all our "cup cooking" recipes and to prepare the dish. You can use the cups for breakfast 🥣 or lunch 🥘 recipes or to make a delicious cake 🍰 for afternoon tea. 

This was April

A special surprise awaits you in April when you choose the JaMaDu kids’ meal in the Coop restaurant: a practical spork 🥄!

This was March

This month you can look forward to a tasty surprise with the JaMaDu kid's meal in the Coop restaurant: a pack of pasta in cute animal shapes! 🐵

This was February

Happy tortoise Tessa told us that she adores delicious cupcakes. That's why this month, we will delve into the wonderful world of cupcake delights with you and Tessa.

This was January

This enchanting brush will help you to create masterpieces in the kitchen. Paste hundreds and thousands onto your favourite biscuits, decorate delicious cupcakes, or adorn your home baking with colourful works of art. The possibilities are endless, and you are the head chef!

Kids Birthday Party

Celebrate a $birthday$ in the Coop restaurant

Entertaining stories, creative crafting, fun-filled games and a yummy cake await your child and their friends. For each party booked, you can choose a present from our partners for the whole family.


$Would you like to pay us a visit?$ We look forward to seeing you!