Colourful $cakes$ for a children's birthday party

No birthday would be complete without a yummy cake! For each children's birthday party booking at Coop restaurants, you can choose your child's favourite cake from our range. Whether sweet chocolate or refreshing lemon, we make sure the cake is as memorable as the day itself.


Chocolate cake

A classic that never disappoints. Our chocolate cake is a dream for those with a sweet tooth. Chocolatey and moist, it will be the highlight of any birthday party. Perfect for chocoholics of all ages.


Lemon cake

Fresh and zesty, our lemon cake enlivens any party. With a perfect balance of sweet and sour, it makes a refreshing change. Ideal for sunny days and for anyone who likes their cake fruity.

Kids Birthday Party

Celebrate a $birthday$ in the Coop restaurant

Entertaining stories, creative crafting, fun-filled games and a yummy cake await your child and their friends. For each party booked, you can choose a present from our partners for the whole family.

Cooking Fun for Kids

Kids cook in the Coop restaurant

During Cooking Fun for Kids, together with other children they independently ruste up a three-course menu following little FOOBY recipes.