A $rip-roaring$ birthday celebration in the Coop restaurant

Set sail for a pirate adventure in the Coop restaurant! Let your child and their guests sail away to the daring world of the high seas. Captivating stories, creative craft activities and games will make for a memorable party, capped off with a yummy cake. And for each party booking, our partners have a special present for you. Discover the pirate adventure for your little treasure!

Please note that the parties are always held in the language of the region (German, French, Italian).

$Scary pirates$ and exciting games

Our pirate party has all the ingredients of an adventure on the high seas. You’ll be amazed by the rip-roaring fun that’s in store for the birthday boy or girl and their friends.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Age: 4 - 9 years
  • Number of children: Max. 12 children (incl. birthday boy or girl)
  • Locations: Selected Coop restaurants (the play corner is not exclusive to the party area and can continue to be used by all children during the party.)


  • All children dress up as pirates. 
  • Listen to exciting stories, get creative with craft activities and play great games. 
  • Tuck into chocolate cake or lemon cake and fruit on sticks. 
  • Looked after by a trained team. 
  • A little surprise for all the children and a present for the birthday boy or girl. 
  • Tako invitation cards to send out. 
  • A unique gift for the birthday family. 


  • The price of the Tako birthday party is CHF 219.00
  • Hello Family club members can take advantage of a reduced price of CHF 199.00.


  • Bookings/registrations for parties must be received at least two weeks in advance.
  • Bookings are only accepted via the online form.



$If you have any questions,$ you'll find the answers here.

$Your family gift$ with the JaMaDu birthday party

With each kids’ party booking you will receive a gift for your family. Choose one of the offers available from our partners and enjoy a fun-filled family day out. Simply let us know your chosen partner offer when making the booking and the voucher will be posted to your home address after the birthday party.

Please $contact$ us

Contact person

Simona Alvarez


Tel. 061 336 71 67


Cooking Fun for Kids

$Kids cook$ in the Coop restaurant

During Cooking Fun for Kids, together with other children they independently rustle up a three-course menu following little FOOBY recipes.


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