Breakfast $buffets$

Our selection of breakfast items is sure to satisfy any craving. You can choose a small, medium or large plate, depending on your appetite and budget.

If you want an (almost) unlimited choice of tasty food and drinks, our all-you-can-eat breakfast is just the ticket: for only CHF 19.95 per person, you can refill your plate and cup as often as you like, until you are no longer hungry, or until it's 10.30.

Whichever option you choose, we look forward to starting the day with you.

A $refreshing$ start

A cold shower, strong coffee or a run in the great outdoors: there are so many ways to wake yourself up. Coop restaurants offer you the option of a tasty start to the day.

Fresh juices, crisp fruit, crunchy muesli, oven-fresh croissants and aromatic coffee made from organic beans are just a small selection of what awaits you. Even people who’d rather tuck into sweet dreams of cakes, patisserie and pancakes will be delighted with what we offer. 

$Warming$ and tasty

Of course, we also offer the classic egg dishes, the obligatory bacon and the chipolatas of childhood memory, but that's not where the talents of our local teams end! They will surprise you with dishes such as shakshuka, overnight oats, baked avocados and lots of other delicious foods on our buffets. 

It tastes better $together$

It’s not always easy finding a breakfast or brunch venue that meets with everyone's approval. Coop restaurants make it easy, because the breakfast  buffet has something for all tastes. Whether on your own, with the family or friends and acquaintances, or as a couple, find your nearest Coop restaurant for the most important meal of the day further down on this page. 

More $Information$

Self-service breakfast buffet, different plate sizes available
Choose the size of your plate depending on how hungry you are and head over to breakfast buffet to help yourself to warm and cold delicacies.

  • Small: CHF 6.95
  • Medium: CHF 10.95
  • Large: CHF 15.95


Self-service all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet
The all-you-can-eat breakfast includes all food and beverages on display in the self-service area of Coop restaurants.

  • Adults: CHF 19.95 per person*
  • Children 7 - 12 years: CHF 9.95 per person
  • Chrildren under 6 years: free**

*Alcoholic drinks, kiosk items, ice creams, take away, catering and banqueting orders are excluded from the offer.
**When the accompanying adult has the all-you-can-eat breakfast.

*Serving a seasonal range. Please contact the restaurant directly for more detailed information.

*Serving a seasonal range. Please contact the restaurant directly for more detailed information.

Find a Coop restaurant $near you$

Hungry and looking for something to eat nearby? Want to find a restaurant without spending ages searching? Use the handy restaurant finder search function to find the nearest Coop restaurant to you. Simply enter a town or city, and the address and distance from you will be shown. The Coop restaurant opening times show you when the location is open. Click on the ‘Menu plan’ in the list of results to see the current menu.


$Facilities and services$ at your Coop restaurant

At Coop restaurants, we’re not just concerned with food and drink. Need a plug socket so you can work remotely? Would you like to let your kids have fun in the play corner? Are you keen to know more about Coop restaurants’ organic certification? Or would you like to help us reduce food waste, with Too Good To Go? Here, you’ll find information about additional services in Coop restaurants.


$Would you like to pay us a visit?$ We look forward to seeing you!