Discover our champions' $favourite recipes$ - now in all Coop restaurants

Who are the amateur chefs who won the recipe competition? Find out more about the winners, their dishes and the stories behind them here. You can enjoy the winning dishes in all Coop restaurants from 6 - 18 November.

Today at your Coop restaurant: $Giacums$ Irish Guinness Stew

Giacum found inspiration for this Irish Stew during his various trips to the Emerald Isle. It alwas goes down very well with Giacum's guests, especially during the colder months. Now you too can enjoy this creation in Coop restaurants.

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Recipe brochure

Would you like to $cook the delicious dishes$? Simply download the recipe brochure.

A look $behind the scenes$ - how the dishes were created

For four weeks in spring, amateur chefs were able to submit their favourite recipe to the Coop Restaurant. A total of 12 recipes were selected and then perfected for the restaurant kitchen together with the winners at Betty Bossi. The winners were also allowed to take part in a photo shoot to present their own dish and take an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Finally, the winners were able to enjoy their dish together with nine guests in a Coop restaurant of their choice.

The winning recipes will be on the menu in all Coop restaurants in Switzerland for one day between 6 and 18 November. Visit us and be surprised by the creative dishes - we look forward to seeing you!


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